CURATORIAL PROJECTS > at Zephyr Gallery 2011

Louisville, KY: Zephyr Gallery and curator Daniel Pfalzgraf presents a Louisville Contemporary Art Lounge exhibition “LoCAL.designs.” July 1 - August 13, 2011.

This summer design-oriented exhibit will focus on clean, fresh colors and patterns as a source of inspiration. Summertime is a time of bright light and bold patterns. It conjures up scenes of bikinis, swimsuits, beach towels and oversized umbrellas on a sunny coastline. It’s a time of summer break from school, of vacations with the family. A time when you only have to spend as much time thinking about something as you want to. Summertime gives you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy your life within that very moment. This exhibition aims to provide a visual accompaniment to those moments during the long stretches of heat waves, only comfortably housed within a cool air conditioned refuge within the city.
Artists exhibiting in “LoCAL.designs” include: George Chaplin, David M. Cook, Thomas DeLisle, Bryce Hudson, Gibbs Rounsavall and J.B. Wilson.

Zephyr Gallery is a contemporary fine arts gallery at 610 East Market Street in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the oldest cooperative gallery in the region with a member base comprised of 23 local artists.