CURATORIAL PROJECTS > LoCAL.streets at The Muhammad Ali Center, 2011

Louisville, KY: The Muhammad Ali Center and curator Daniel Pfalzgraf presents a Louisville Contemporary Art Lounge exhibition “LoCAL.streets.” February 4 - April 30, 2011.

The Muhammad Ali Center, like Muhammad Ali himself, focuses on what brings individuals together, not what sets them apart. The Ali Center's educational goals include various delivery methods and incorporate a wide range of topics – from respect, diversity, and personal discovery to empowerment and conflict resolution. It is from this spirit that “LoCAL.streets” is presented.

“LoCAL.streets” is a collection of work centered on the urban environment. All the works presented in this exhibit are direct reflections of, or reactions to, the streets, buildings, flow and life within the city. “LoCAL.streets” seeks to draw a parallel between the art created in the streets with art displayed within the galleries of the city, to create bridges of understanding and appreciation of two separate worlds that often share the same geographical location.

Participating artists include many well-regarded street and gallery artists from Louisville and beyond. Among the artists involved with “LoCAL.streets” are:
Julius Friedman, Mark Anthony Mulligan, Henry Cunningham, Brad White, Sarah Lyon, Tom Pfannerstill, Matt Loeser, Billy Hertz, Chris Chappell, Geoff Carr, James Doiron, Christa Faulkner, Stephanie Potter, Frankie Steele, Mario Mueller from Los Angles, Quincy Owens and Christian Forrer from Indianapolis, Indiana, Thom Shaw from Cincinnati Ohio, and Danny Babcock, Robby Burgess and Matthew Dayler of Higher Level Art from Cincinnati, Ohio.